Overmolding Advantage

Nodinson mold excels at challenging projects and technologies—that’s why clients across a range of industries seek us out to learn how the overmolding process can enhance the functionality, performance, and appearance of their products.
This unique process is becoming popular among manufacturers who want to add a soft-touch exterior to their products that enhances grip or “feel” and also provides a stylish appearance that’s attractive to consumers. Overmolding also reduces shock and vibration, dampens sound, provides electrical insulation, and improves chemical/UV resistance—which increases product longevity.
It’s rare when an advanced technology improves product viability and customer satisfaction in so many ways, yet still reduces overall production costs—a big reason why overmolding is in high demand.
Total costs are lower because overmolding reduces the number of steps involved in making the product. Because the soft-touch layer forms such a strong chemical bond with the underlying surface, it eliminates the need for some secondary finishing operations such as priming, painting, or coating. By combining these steps into a single injection molding process, overmolding increases quality, reduces waste, boosts throughput, and decreases overall production cost.