Nodinson Mold is a professional mold maker and plastic parts manufacturer in Shenzhen China, Where is next to Hong Kong. Most of the molds are exported to North America, Europe, Japan and other countries. Nodinson has capability to build over 300 tools a year ranging from high precision small medical part to large automotive part. High-quality, Timely delivery and Best service is our policy, We always careful study customer' s project and select the best solution to design and build molds complying with customers’ standard and promised quality strictly.

Mold design
Mold design is a key and a beginning for any product development, our engineers have rich experience to assist and support our customer for any part design or tooling / molding concerns, we start with DFMEA (design review) to optimize part design for better tooling and low‐cost option, we use Moldflow to simulate mold filling process and decide the best tool configuration, we provide full 3D mold Value‐design to ensure not any tooling impact and defect, this ensure we provide customer with high quality mold or product....More

Mold making
We have high precision CNC machine and strict mold making standard, each Value‐tooling process has good quality control, it ensures us to make quality mold on time for each job. We can make prototype tool and production tool based on customer needs, and different mold standard(such as DME, Hasco standard or Non-standard mould).....More

Plastic molding
Nodinson molding technicians are very rich experience at processing a wide range of materials(mostly engineering grade resins), We specialize in highly glass filled resins, high polish request and also critical process resins requiring desiccant bed drying and also hot oil processing for high temperature resins, we have 8 injection molding machines ranging from 60 to 400 Tons clamping for various molding need.....More

Equimpment list
Nodinson has enough capacity for mould making process.We have advance equipments and tools for mold making 6 CNC such Deckel Maho CNC machine  fromGernan, 12 EDM such as precision Charmille EDM  from Sweden, Sodick wire EDM from Japan and injection machine from 80T to 800T including double injection machine...More