Quality control

Nodinson Mold takes customer' s success as its own success and committed to establishing 
a long term & win-win business relationship with customers.Nodinson has realized how important quality is for each company, and has paid high attention to quality control. The quality process starts at the very beginning of each project, ISO9001 quality standard is referred to fulfill in every process of production to optimize production time while maintaining the highest quality to meet and exceed customer's requirement.Nodinson Mold has extremely strict quality control system along with every step of mold making from steel 5.Sample inspection purchasing to mold delivery. The main quality control process are as following:

1 Mould Design Review and Control
2 Mould Steel Hardness Inspection
3 Mould Base Dimension Inspection
4 Electrodes Inspection
5 Mould Core and Dimension Inspection
6 Mould Pre‐Assembly Inspection
7 Mould Trial Report and Samples Inspection
8 Mould Pre‐Shipment Final Inspection
9 Export Mould Package Inspection