Project management

Nodinson mold professional project management team has excellent ability to keep close communication with customer in English and technical term, control every details during mold design & mold making process. Project engineers have rich experience of mold design, mold making and plastic molding and can follow customers’ needs closely. Nodinson uses professional form and graphics such as BOM of mold, weekly report with pictures, injection parameter report and dimension report to manage all of project running process. Our project management forms include each process of  project. All of technique document and professional form as well as our communication email with customer are saved in our computer and back up on our server, it means that we can track each step of our project management. Project management decides the success or failure of a project, so the scientific and effective project management is very important. After many years experience, we more understand this point, especial for the exported mold. We have one scientific and effective project management, which makes our team more united, project control more rigorous, resource more optimized. 

Mold making project management