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Nodinson Plastic Mould Co.,LTD is a experienced mold designer and precision mold manufacturer in plastic field, located in Shenzhen city, China. We are providing plastic injection mold in high international standard at competitive price for worldwide customers and Equipped with advanced tooling machines imported from Japan, Germany, Switzerland etc, and adopt international advanced system-CAE /CAD/CAM in mold design and manufacturing, we are able to make the type of molds range from basic open shut to complex designs incorporating lifters, multiple slides, unscrewing, hot runner, hot runners with valve shutoffs, overmolds, two-shot molds etc. The size range is from molds for 80 ton to 800 ton machines.

Nodinson Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd  
Address: BLK A, Honghengtai Hi-Tech Park, Shangcun, Gongming Town, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China
Phone: 86-755-89516139
Fax: 86-755-61624095  

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